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The Centre is a prominent regional research and education unit that has proved its excellence over past 15 years. The international communities of gender scholars, Slavists, and Eastern European studies scholars appreciate the quality of its publications.

The list of books published by the Centre includes the first Russian-speaking “Anthology of Gender Theory”, books on women’s history of Belarus, books challenging the development of Gender Studies as a scholarly field in the post-Soviet space, books addressing post-socialist transformations in the region in terms of nationalism, language policies, and women’s public participation. For more information on books published by the Centre please see: http://gender-ehu.org/?97_2

The Centre publishes a series of calendars called WOMEN OF BELARUS: A SOCIAL HISTORY created and edited by Elena Gapova. The series of calendars is a pioneering interdisciplinary project that re-writes Belarusian history from the perspectives of women's agency, identity and knowledge. For more information please see: http://gender-ehu.org/?98_2

“Every calendar emerges from a research project that starts with the “theme,” or an idea, followed by searching in archives, museums, family albums and private collections by historians, archival workers or activists of ethnic cultural societies. No single institution — no museum, no archive and no private collection — exhibits these materials and documents as a complete collection. Accompanied by explanations, citations from documents and interviews in the calendars, many artifacts become recognized as “historical facts” for the first time. …[T]he calendars exhibit women’s private lives through photographs of women and their personal belongings and create different, non-iconic narratives of life, war, professional occupations, and roles that were traditionally prescribed to women.” – Alexander Pershai, “New Perspectives on the History of Belarus: A Series of Calendars, Women of Belarus,” Nationalities Papers 34.3 (2006): 363-372.

The Centre’s co-hosts and contributes to the new educational feminist almanac WOMEN IN POLITICS: NEW APPROACHES TO THE POLITICAL (Женщины в политике: Новые подходы к политическому). It addresses contemporary political issues in Belarus and post-Soviet states from the perspective of feminist criticism. The almanac targets political and social activists and also speaks to a generation of emerging scholars interested in political, social, and cultural concerns related to gender studies and women’s participation in political movements in Belarus.

At present, WOMEN IN POLITICS is the only Belarusian periodical that openly discusses issues related to gender, power, politics, and culture. The publication, dedicated to the complex dynamics of politics and gender, seeks to fill this gap and to offer critical analyses of current events in Belarusian society and other post-Soviet countries. It focuses on the problems of women’s participation in the political and public life of Belarus as well as the ongoing post-socialist transition in this country. The languages of the almanac are Russian and Belarusian; some articles are also available in English. For more information please visit: http://adliga.info/newpolitics/eng/about/


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