MA Program / Graduates / Graduates' 2009

Graduates of 2009

Burko Volha
Topic: The Formation of Female Subject in  the Practices of Child-bearing

Dyn’ko Aliaksandra
Topic: Female Dissent in Contemporary Belarus: Strategies and Practices

Kandratsenia Alena
Topic: Gender and Labor Market: Analysis of IT sphere in Belarus

Nikolayenko Olga
Topic: Emancipation of Polish Women in South-Western provinces of Russian Empire at the end of the 19th –beginning of the 20th Century

Polotnuk Margarita
Topic: Motherhood in the Context of Personal and Social History

Sivochin Gene
Topic: The Impact of Modern Belarusian City on Non-city: Corporeality in Private and Public

Shienok Elena
Topic: Female Strategies of Professional Self-realization and the Career Making in Corporations in Contemporary Belarus  

Shkutko Katsiaryna
Topic: The Perception of Life Success by Women-teachers in Higher Educational  Institutions in Belarus 

Galitskaya Kseniya
Topic: Gender Discourse in  the Narratives of Self-representations (the case  study of students, studying gender)

Diana Navitskaya
Topic: “Sexual Revolutions” of the 1920s in USA and USSR: Women’s Emancipation or/and Assimilation into the Men’s World

Bervold Alena
Topic: “Queer” Families in Pedro Almodovar’s Films

Martsynkevich Yuliya
Topic: Challenging or Reproducing Tradition:  the Study of Gendered Spaces  in  the Night Clubs of Minsk

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