The Centre is located in Vilnius, Lithuania, and operates as an international internet-based community. Our faculty, board members, research associates and graduates contribute to the Centre’s projects and initiatives from Belarus, Canada, Germany, Hungary, the Russian Federation, South Africa, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Regarding the Centre’s activities please contact:

Dr. Elena Gapova, Founding Director of the Centre: e.gapova@gmail.com

Evgenia Ivanova, Centre’s Coordinator: evgenia.ivanova@ehu.lt

Regarding the Master of Arts Program in Gender Studies at European Humanities University please contact:

Dr. Almira Ousmanova, Director of Master Art Program in Gender Studies: almira.ousmanova@ehu.lt

For more information about the MA program please refer to: http://en.ehu.lt/en/academics/master/programms/cultural-studies-gender-studies

Admissions: http://en.ehu.lt/en/admissions

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